Fire Department

If you have an emergency please dial 9-1-1.

Welcome to the website of the Greenville Fire Department.  Our site contains information about our department and our members.  I hope you will take the time to explore the different areas and links.

Our department has the strength of 26 Firefighters who are all dedicated to serving the community.

The areas that we protect are not limited to Greenville.  They also include Greenville Junction, all of Moosehead Lake, Moosehead Junction Township, Hartford’s Point, Little Moose Township, Beaver Cove, Lily Bay through to Kokadjo and Frenchtown.  The Greenville Fire Department also is part of a Mutual Aid Agreement with area communities.

Our department provides the following services: Fire Suppression, Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, Public Education, Public Service and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Greenville is a wonderful community in which we live, our department maintains a strong partnership with the community dating back to 1913 when the department was established.  We need your support and understanding of our operations.  We are always looking to add members to our team. If you or someone you know has interest in joining our crew, reach out to any of our present members, call 207-695-2570 or click here for an application. In addition, follow us on facebook under Greenville Firefighters Association.

Mission Statement

The Greenville Fire Department is dedicated to providing a safer community through preparedness, prevention and effective emergency mitigation.

Junior Firefighter Program

Our junior firefighter program offers any teen aging 14-18 a start in the fire service. It allows teens to get a feel for the trade before fully committing to the fire department as a full-fledged member at age 18. Our junior firefighters experience hands on training, assist our regular members at work sessions and trainings, respond and assist at certain 911 calls, and they will receive the necessary training of a full-fledged member by 18. Not only is it a huge benefit and accomplishment for themselves, it also benefits us as a department. We are able to put the juniors on as fully trained regular members instead of beginning their training at 18. Our program has been successful over the years, producing junior firefighters whom have worked their way up through the ranks to the Chief of the Department. Applications for this program can be found at the Greenville Town Office, Greenville Fire Department or by clicking here. For more information please call 207-695-2570.

Shape Award

The Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards presents the Greenville Fire Department awarded the Safety and Health Award for Public Employees (SHAPE)

Burn Permits

Follow the below steps to obtain a burn permit with the town of Greenville:

  1. Go the website:
  2. Select “Obtain a Permit”
  3. Select Greenville and complete permit application and submit.
  4. Be sure to PRINT OFF and SIGN YOUR PERMIT

Unorganized Territory Burn Permits

For fire permits in unorganized territories contact: (207) 827-1800

Chimney Cleaning Program

The Greenville Firefighters Association is a non-profit organization that supports the Greenville Fire Department. One fundraiser done by the association is annual chimney cleaning. If you would like your chimney cleaned please contact the Fire Department at 207-695-2570. The schedule varies year to year however, outlying areas are done in the spring and the immediate Greenville area is done in the fall. We go by our lists so please be sure to call ahead to ensure your name will be on that list. We announce specific dates and times as the spring and fall seasons near ahead of cleaning.