Public Works

The Town of Greenville Public Works Department performs numerous vital functions for the Greenville Community. Everyone who drives through the Town, walks across our boardwalk or utilizes one of our 4 public parks, steps onto one of our docks, sits in the Gazebo or even lands an airplane at our airport benefits from the maintenance work done by the Public Works Department.

The Town of Greenville Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 27 miles of roadway, 7 parking lots, downtown winter cleanup and Airport cleanup.

The Department

The Department is made up of three full-time employees.

The Foreman Public Works foreman is Pete Snyder. The foreman leads the department through its daily operations and fulfills its seasonal goals in close conjunction with Town Manager and Road Commissioner Mike Roy.

The Equipment

The Town owns and operates a variety of pieces of equipment, including the following major pieces:

2023 International plow truck
2020 Peterbilt plow truck
2015 Western Star 14 yard plow truck
2021 CASE Skid-Steer
2017 Husqvarna Zero Turn Riding Mower
2001 Sterling Wheeler, 13-yard plow truck
1992 670B John Deere Grader
Sand-piper sand and gravel screen
2006 JD 544J John Deere front-end Loader
2004 JD TC62H Tool Carrier (Airport Machine)
2004 Blanchet Snowblower
2012 Ford F-150


Town of Greenville asks you to remove any obstructions from road and sidewalk right-of-ways which would inhibit snowplowing operations. On all Town Roads and Streets, the Town maintains a minimum 25′ right-of-way from the centerline. Any obstructions within this right-of-way which would inhibit snow removal operations must be removed.

Please take a moment to review your property and see if you have anything in the way, such as rocks, fences, signs, woodpiles, etc. Your help to remove obstructions will make our snow removal operations more efficient and make our roads and sidewalks safer to drive and walk on.