Mission Statement:  The Greenville Recreation Committee through the Greenville Recreation Department shall provide the Town of Greenville with a diverse offering of recreational and leisure opportunities that enhances the quality of life for its’ citizens.

Goals:  Provide equal opportunities for all citizens to participate. Provide safe environment for recreational and leisure activities. Utilize all available resources to ensure affordable, efficient and quality service levels Plan for future recreational and leisure needs. Acquire additional facilities to support community needs.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 3/4 Girls Basketball Team
on winning the Penquis League Championship!!!
They also won the Sportsmanship Award!
The 3/4 Grade Division Boys Basketball Team
Placed 7th
They all learned team skills throughout the season!


Warming Hut open: (weather depending)
2:30 – 4:30pm ~ Monday – Friday
12:30 – 3:30pm ~ Saturday & Sunday

Freestyle Skating anytime.
Lights are on 4pm – 10pm

Old Skates available for use at anytime
New Skates available during above mentioned times.


33 Leisure Life Rd, Greenville

Monday:  7am – 8pm

Tuesday:  7am – 8pm

Wednesday:  7am – 9am / 10am – 8pm

Thursday:  7am – 8pm

Friday:  7am – 9am / 10am – 8pm

Saturday:  8am – 12 Noon

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