How to obtain a Transfer Station Sticker

*** The 2020 Transfer Station Sticker’s
are available at the Town Office & Transfer Station***

You need to have a Transfer Station Sticker issued by the Town of Greenville to access the Transfer Station. The stickers are good from January 1 – December 31.

You may only be issued a Transfer Station Sticker if you can show proof of residency or property ownership in the Town of Greenville, Harford’s Point, Big Moose Twp., or Moosehead Jct. Twp

Your first Transfer Station sticker for the year is FREE any one after that is $25.00.

If you change your plate, please be sure to notify the Town Office so the appropriate change can be made to your Transfer Station sticker application.

If you purchase a new vehicle or get a new windshield you may peel the current Transfer Station sticker off and bring it into the Greenville Town Office and receive a FREE replacement sticker.