YES Project Committee

What’s Going On with the new Greenville Community Building?

The Moosehead Caring for Kids Foundation received a Federal Grant for $1,561,000 to build a new facility on the campus of the Greenville Consolidated School on Pritham Avenue. The new building will be located approximately where the elementary and middle school once stood. The Foundation designated the Town of Greenville as the subrecipient of the grant, which means that the town will build the new facility and that the new building will be a municipal building.

The Foundation, the Town of Greenville and the School are working together to plan and construct the building, which has yet to be named. The building will house three collaborative activities, a childcare center, public pre-school classrooms, and a community recreation center.

The three collaborative teams have formed a committee, the YES Project (the acronym stands for youth, education, and sport), to plan the building. The committee meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Committee members

Janet Chasse
Jennifer Clark
John Contreni
Laurie Davis
Carl Henderson
Don Hodapp
Kellie Jewett
Kevin McAfee
Kelly McFayden
Mike Roy

YES Project Meeting Minutes