Code Enforcement

What is Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement is the key contact point for all land use development inquiries in the Town of Greenville. The purpose of code enforcement is to coordinate growth and development in Greenville and protect the lives, safety and property of all citizens of our community through the enforcement of local, state and federal laws regulations and ordinances. The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the permitting and inspection of any new structure, plumbing and septic system installation in the Town of Greenville and provides staff support to the Planning Board and Board of Appeals.

Building Permits

Building permits are issued to authorize the start of a construction project if an application demonstrates that the proposal will be in compliance with the Greenville Land Use Ordinance, the Maine uniform building and energy code, as well as other applicable state and/or federal regulations. Inspections are performed to ensure that work is done as approved. Additional permits (ie plumbing, sewer or other state permits) may be required.

What requires a building permit

A building permit is required for any new structure (including decks, steps, sheds and garages), additions and for most alterations to existing structures.

Most commercial uses require a conditional use permit either from the CEO or the Planning Board. Please don’t hesitate to call and ask if your project needs a permit.

How can I obtain a building permit?

You may request a building permit application by contacting or by calling Ron Sarol 207-695-2421 Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm.

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