Town Office

The Greenville Town Office provides a host of services for the citizen of Greenville, and also for the Unorganized Territories of Hartfords Point, Big Moose Twp., Little Moose Twp., Frenchtown, Lily Bay, Rockwood, Chesuncook, T8 R11, Bowdoin College Grant East & West, North East Carry, T6 R11, T1 R12, T7 R12, T7 R14 WELS, T4 R10 WELS, and Island No 25.


The tax year, aka fiscal year for the Town of Greenville is July 1 – June 30. Tax bills will be mailed out the week of September 21st, 2020 if the bill is paid in full by October 20, 2020 you will receive a 1%. The mil rate for the fiscal year of 2020/2021 has been set at 17.1%. Bills are due to be paid by January 8, 2021 before interest starts. We do encourage property owners to pay on their bills throughout the year at any amount that is convenient to them. If you have questions about your property taxes please call Town Office at 207-695-2421.

Town Meeting

The annual Town Meeting is held the first Monday in June at 6:00pm at the Louis Oaks Auditorium (School Auditorium). At the annual Town Meeting the budget for the Town of Greenville and the Greenville School System are voted on.


There are two different elections held annually. The Municipal Election is held annually the 2nd Tuesday in June. At this election you may cast your ballot for town officials, school committee members, sanitary district and any town or state referendums this is also when the state primary elections are held. The General Election is the state/federal general election which is held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. Polls open at 8am and close at 8pm and are held at the Municipal Meeting Hall.

November 2, 2021 – Referendum Election

Holiday Closings

For a complete list of annual closing dates please visit the Holiday Closings page

Meet the Staff

Mike Roy – Town Manager, Road Commissioner
Roxanne Lizotte – Town Clerk
Bethany Young – Deputy Town Clerk, Registrar of Voters, & GA Administrator                        
Holly Daniels – Deputy Town Clerk
Pete Leathers – Code Enforcement Officer